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“Australia Is Not Like US”

Popular Economics Weekly “Australia is not like the U.S.” said commentator Michael Pascoe in the Sydney Morning Herald in response to President Obama’s remarks on the Umpqua Community College killings by a deranged killer, whose mother kept at least 7 … Continue reading

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Single Payer “Universal” Health Plans, versus What?

Financial FAQs We are in Australia, and my wife just paid for a General Practitioner’s visit to examine possibly dangerous sun damage to her skin. The Doctor’s examination cost her $37 Australian, and the topical medication just $10Au. So what … Continue reading

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Minimum Wages vs. Maximum Profits?

Financial FAQs Corporate profits are at all-time highs, and workers compensation at all-time lows, as fast food workers continue to strike for higher minimum wages. Yet business interests still maintain maximum profits have to be a corporation’s primary consideration. In … Continue reading

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