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Is the Age of Narcissism About to End?

Answering the Kennedys’ Call Are we nearing the end of what historians and psychologists have called the Age of Narcissism, an era that has spawned populist governments and closed borders, the breakup of traditional families and communities, and the election … Continue reading

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Professor Stiglitz’s Plea to Save Capitalism

Popular Economics Weekly MarketWatch Nobel laureate economist Joseph Stiglitz has been saying he wants to make capitalism work for everyone again in various writings, just as it did post-WWII, including this CNN commentary on the recent Earth Day. Is there … Continue reading

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Part II—What’s Wrong With Capitalism?

Financial FAQs Pete Buttigieg, Mayor of South Bend, Indiana and Presidential candidate, said to NBC’s Chuck Todd, “of course I’m a capitalist and America is a capitalist society, but it’s got to be democratic capitalism,” per the NYTimes’ Michael Tomasky. … Continue reading

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T Piketty and Capital Beyond the 21st Century

Popular Economics Weekly Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the 21st Century is about more than proving that excessive income and wealth inequality has been the norm over centuries by so-called free market capitalism, or its social democratic versions in Europe. It’s … Continue reading

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