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What Letter Will Describe This Pandemic?

Popular Economics Weekly Conference-board.org The Conference Board’s consumer confidence survey should help to predict the shape of this economic recovery from COVID-19. It’s shape will mirror the degree of “uncertainty” felt by consumers. In the words of Lynn Franco, Senior … Continue reading

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2020—A Year of Living Dangerously

Popular Economics Weekly FRED.gov There is plenty of speculation on the effects of killing Iran’s Quds Force General Qassem Suleimani. Of course the first question is how Iran will retaliate? But terrorist attacks by its proxies, such as by the … Continue reading

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It’s the Consumer, Stupid

Answering the Kennedys Call—Part II New York Times’ economic writer Neil Irwin in a recent Op-ed is not seeing a very robust future for global economic growth. “…what the last few months have made clear is that the forces that … Continue reading

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