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The Declining Treasury Yield Curve—Recession Looming?

Financial FAQs We are basically at full employment with a 4.4 percent unemployment rate, which should tell us we are nearing the end of this growth cycle. Econoday reports, “The total number of employed Americans, and this includes both the … Continue reading

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No Double Dip Recession—Why Worry?

Popular Economics Weekly Goldman Sachs chief economist Jan Hatzius has joined the chorus that says 2013 should be a good year for growth, in spite of the so-called ‘fiscal headwinds’ of a gridlocked Congress and White House. Why? Because both … Continue reading

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Smart Government Creates Better Growth

Financial FAQs It is smart government that creates better economic growth, not smaller government, per se.  Smart government means effective government that finances and regulates what the private sector can’t or won’t.  So that doesn’t mean downsizing government for its … Continue reading

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