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Where are the Leaders?

Answering the Kennedys’ Call surveymonkey.com The congressional impeachment hearings illustrate one overwhelming fact; America has a leadership problem. President Trump is a very weak leader. He asked the newly-elected Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky (extortion or bribery are the legal terms) … Continue reading

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A Greater Lawlessness—Self Interest vs. The Common Interest

Popular Economics Weekly Are we at the beginning of an era of Greater Lawlessness, or nearing the end, with the greatest law breaking we may have seen in our lifetime? And are we at the beginning or end of the … Continue reading

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Why is Donald Trump Acting Like A Russian Oligarch?

It’s becoming clear why Presidential Candidate Trump and Russian President Putin have been so chummy with each other. Trump has become dependent on Russian oligarchs to fund his real estate ventures, since U.S. banks no longer will because of his … Continue reading

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