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Loneliness in America is a Public Health Problem

ANSWERING THE KENNEDYS CALL As part of our series on community-building I am reporting on what happens to Americans as a result of the breakdown of community, which Robert Putnam first documented in his best-seller, “Bowling Alone: the Collapse and … Continue reading

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The Candidates Economic Promises Versus Pronouncements

Financial FAQs Who should we believe of the leading candidates remaining in the Presidential primaries that last through June? Bernie says he will tax the wealthiest enough to pay for his programs, such as free public college tuition and universal … Continue reading

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Obamacare–What Loss of Freedom?

Popular Economics Weekly Hallelujah. The Supreme Court of our land has given Obamacare a clean constitutional bill of health, thanks to its Chief Justice, who says government does have the power to tax those who can afford to buy health … Continue reading

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